Steps that can help your medical practice succeed

Skyline Medical Billing Management can help your Prescott medical practice run more efficiently.As complicated and complex as medical billing sometimes is, Skyline Medical Billing Management can help your Prescott medical practice to run even better by offering these key steps for a successful and efficient medical billing process.

At Check-in
All information that will be necessary for filing a claim needs to be detailed during the patient check-in. Information gathered and confirmed should include the patient’s demographic information, insurance payer, insurance payer’s contact information (address, phone and email) and insured’s policy number.

Submitting correctly coded claims to the patient’s insurance provider is vital to timely payments. Accurate coding for services provided or procedures performed means the insurance payer can accurately assess your request for payment. Accurately coding your submission means timely decisions.

Submitting Claims
While almost all insurance companies follow standard procedures for billing, there are exceptions and they have their own way of doing things. Because some aspects of the billing procedures are payer-specific, it is very important to check that you are accurately following each payer’s guidelines.

Posting Payments
At this point, your patient will either have the responsibility of a remaining balance or a zero balance if the claim was paid in full by their insurance provider. If the initial intake, verification, coding and claim submission was accurately completed, the insurance’s payer’s obligation should have been completed by now.

These steps should help your Prescott medical practice accomplish a smooth experience in the medical billing process. If you’d like some help with improving your billing practices, Skyline Medical Billing Management is here to help make your medical billing process as simple as possible. Call us today at 928-228-1167.

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