Why should you choose a medical billing service?

Why Should You Choose A Medical Billing Service?

The decision to use a medical billing services company is important. Should you handle your medical coding and billing in-house, or should you hire an outside company? There are benefits to consider.

Less Headaches: With over 17,000 medical billing codes and many more on the way, who has time to keep up? The complexities of medical billing and coding grow by the day. With Skyline Medical Billing Management, you won’t need to be concerned. We monitor changes in healthcare laws and regulations and update our service as needed.

Less Overhead: To perform medical coding and billing effectively, you’ll need to hire a trained specialist and pay a fixed cost of salary and benefits, regardless of the ups and downs of your business. Imagine the costs of Electronic Medical Records / Electronic Health Records systems as well as various medical billing software. With Skyline Medical Billing Management, the overhead of employees and fees for expensive software, is no longer holding you back and preventing you from growing your business.

We Do Not Get Paid Unless You Do: When factoring in the rates on the money we collect for you, you’ll still come out way ahead at the end of the year. Thanks to our accurate coding and our rigorous follow up, you will collect higher percentages of the claims you make, keeping more money in your pocket!

Faster Collection Rate: In a world where cash flow is key, the speed with which you collect money can dramatically affect the operations of your medical practice. We collect claims faster to keep your medical practice running smoothly.

Higher Collection Rate: Because medical billing and collections is our area of expertise, we have a higher collection rate than doing it in-house. Medical billing companies can collect 98% of claims processed. Imagine not worrying about whether or not you will get paid!

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