Managing your medical practice

Managing your Prescott medical practice, regardless of the size of the office, necessitates that your office manager deal with a tremendous variety of issues ranging from administrative, financial, and legal to technological. Skyline Medical Billing Management offers an overview of medical practice management.

There seems to be no shortage of responsibilities involved in managing a medical practice, some of which include:

Financial Management: Establishing a budget, reviewing and analyzing medical billing outcomes and financial performance within revenue cycles, negotiating payer contracts, and investigating methods to improve profitability.

Business Operations: Developing the business and marketing plan, identifying and securing outside resources, overseeing the practice’s facilities, and purchasing.

Human Resources Management: Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and ensuring human resource retention.

Information Technology Management: Acquiring and upgrading hardware including computer and communication systems along with peripherals and software to effect secured patient billing, health records, and financial management.

Organizational Administration: Establishing the legal structure of the practice including the corporate mission; establishing the pay structure and the culture for the benefit of the entirety of the office.

Patient Care Methods: Increasing provider efficiency through effective work flow, developing systems to keep patients informed and satisfied, establishing standards for performance.

Quality Control: Implementing and maintaining quality control standards; monitoring clinical quality, ensuring that all licensing requirements are current.

Risk Assessment: Establishing procedures to assure patient safety, promptly and effectively addressing emergencies, disasters and legal threats.

Among the potentially vast scope of responsibilities, Skyline Medical Billing knows that one of the most critical components in medical practice management is ensuring that the practice is paid in a timely manner for the care delivered by its providers. Prompt billing and payment are the mainstay of the operation. If your Prescott medical practice would like more information about medical practice management and efficient billing practices, call the experts at Skyline Medical Billing at 928-227-1167.

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