Accurate payment posting at your medical practice

Skyline Medical Billing Management can help your Prescott practice run smoothly by accurately handling your medical payment posting.If you own or manage a medical practice, you understand that there are a number of steps in the medical billing process. One important issue that needs to be addressed is accuracy when posting payments. Skyline Medical Billing Management wants to help your Prescott medical practice by accurately handling your medical payment posting.

Accounts Receivables
Payment posting entails receipt of payments, accurately recording (posting) the payments, depositing funds, and reconciling the accounting of those payments. It also includes posting denials and adjustments. Accuracy in this area is key to keeping you in the black, maintaining patient satisfaction, and having a smooth-running practice.

Claims Processing
With the large number of claims being processed in most busy medical offices, it’s likely that there will be issues with some of the bills. It’s important to find out quickly when and why claims are denied – non-covered services, medical necessity, and prior authorization being the most common reasons.

Why Outsource?
Outsourcing your payment posting to a professional means accuracy, analysis, and efficient financial performance. When you partner with Skyline Medical Billing Management, our professionals can free up your office staff to care for patients instead of being responsible for following up on claims.

We can accurately handle your accounts receivables, keep you abreast of the financial performance of your Prescott practice, and offer solutions to maximize your revenue potential and increase profitability. For more information on how Skyline Medical Billing Management can help your bottom line, call us today at 928-227-1167.

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