Why you need professional medical claims follow-up for your medical practice

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Posted on: Wed May 22, 2019

Skyline Medical Billing Management can relieve the stress of your Prescott practice by handling your claims followup.Are you finding yourself stressed over accounts receivables when you could be focusing on your medical practice? Skyline Medical Billing Management offers some reasons you need professional medical claims follow-up for your Prescott practice.

Track down claims that were never received
Claims that are lost in the mail are one of the most common causes of lengthy delays in payments to your practice. Follow-up on paper claims should be done after 10 business days have elapsed to allow time for mailing and routing to the right department. When claims are sent electronically, they are trackable and the process is more timely.

Reduce the time that accounts are overdue
With our team focused on your claims, the amount of time an account is outstanding is greatly reduced. We implement procedures to collect payments and follow up until payments are received.

Track down denied claims
Getting a head start on denied claims can help keep your bottom line healthy. A new claim request with corrections can be transmitted before you even receive the hard copy of a denial by mail.

Resolve issues with pending claims
When claims are pending awaiting information from the member, our professional team can follow up with the member, notifying them of the situation, and obtain the information necessary to resolve the claim.

Outsourcing claims follow-up can keep your practice funded and running smoothly while you do what matters most: caring for your patients. Trust your accounts receivables to the experts and let us use our expertise to stay on top of your claims. To find out more about how we can help your practice succeed and relieve the stress on your office staff, call Skyline Medical Billing Management today at 928-227-1167.



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