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The cost of an employee at your medical practice

What does it cost your Prescott medical practice to have an employee handling your medical billing? It’s easy to identify wages, but what about the hidden costs? Skyline Medical Billing... read more

Balance billing for your medical practice

As a medical provider, a significant part of your business is medical billing and working with insurance companies. This is not typically considered glamorous or fun work to do, but... read more

Why claims aren’t getting paid at your medical practice

With all the busyness that occurs in physician’s offices, it’s common that the staff members in charge of claims billing are “borrowed” to perform other duties as needed. This could... read more

Why you need professional medical claims follow-up for your medical practice

Are you finding yourself stressed over accounts receivables when you could be focusing on your medical practice? Skyline Medical Billing Management offers some reasons you need professional medical claims follow-up... read more

Reasons acupuncture claims are denied at your medical practice

The traditional Chinese therapy of acupuncture has been an acceptable treatment for various maladies, the most common being pain relief. While there are insurers that cover acupuncture services, many providers... read more

The importance of medical billing accuracy at your medical practice

Are billing errors hurting your Prescott medical practice? Skyline Medical Billing Management discusses the kinds of problems that errors in medical billing can cause and the steps that medical practices... read more

Patient collections for your medical practice

With ever-rising healthcare costs, the healthcare industry at large has been compelled to engage in even more assertive collection practices in order to safeguard the livelihood of health-related businesses, especially... read more

Accurate payment posting at your medical practice

If you own or manage a medical practice, you understand that there are a number of steps in the medical billing process. One important issue that needs to be addressed... read more

Tips for proper patient check-in at your medical practice

Your front office is a busy and important first stop for your patients. Front office staff needs to be detail-oriented as well as personable to ensure your practice is interacting... read more

Outsourcing claims processing for your medical practice

The healthcare industry faces a great challenge: managing the business of health care while continuing to provide high quality care of patients. Skyline Medical Billing Management understands what is required... read more

Reasons you should outsource the medical billing for your practice

Should you outsource your medical billing? What are the benefits? This is what many medical professionals want to know. This can be a difficult question to answer for most. Skyline... read more

Managing your medical practice

Managing your Prescott medical practice, regardless of the size of the office, necessitates that your office manager deal with a tremendous variety of issues ranging from administrative, financial, and legal... read more

Benefits of outsourcing medical billing for your practice

One of the biggest decisions doctors make when running their practice is whether or not they should outsource their medical billing. Your revenue and cash flow depend on efficient billing,... read more

Steps that can help your medical practice succeed

As complicated and complex as medical billing sometimes is, Skyline Medical Billing Management can help your Prescott medical practice to run even better by offering these key steps for a... read more
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